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          Mr.Kyu Eikan

Mr.Kyu Eikan was born in Taiwan in 1924. He graduated from University of Tokyo in 1945 and in 1954 he received the highest literature award in Japan. Since then Mr.Kyu has been playing an active part  as a writer, economic analysis, entrepreneur, investor, management consultant in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Japan. He is regarded as the "God of Money & Investing" and the "Warren Buffett" of Japan.

Mr.Kyu was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 45 years old. During these years, his blood sugar level had once gone up to 300 mg/L. But he manages to maintain his blood sugar level within 95 to 120 mg/L by taking Chinese medicine. Now Mr.Kyu is on the medication of Yu Xiao San 8805. He is so satisfied with the effect of Yu Xiao San 8805 that he recommends the product to the general public and wrote the preface for the book of Yu Xiao San written by Dr.Chong.

    One of the Most Popular Health Foods in Japan

            (source: Health Life Business, August 1, 1996)

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