Slim 1-2-3
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An Herbal Supplement by Dr. Chong

Slim 1-2-3If you have tried weight-reducing methods such as diet, excessive exercise, Qigong and weight-reducing tea but none of them produces satisfactory result, you might want to try Slim 1-2-3.  While taking the product, one does not have to go on a diet, only remember to eat less oily food; one not have to do excessive exercise either, just maintain normal activities. Slim 1-2-3 will give you a slim and healthy figure without causing you any discomfort.

Main Ingredients: Turmeric, Gambir, Talc, and Tea.

Administration & Dosage: Take with cold tea, twice a day, three tablets each time

Precautions: Keep off fatty, sweet and oily food. Stop taking the product when reach the desired weight. Over taken may lead to an unpleasant bony figure.

Storage: Keep at dry place and away from direct light and heat.

SLIM 1-2-3 (Free USA domestic shipping for orders of 3 bottles or more)
500mg, 90 tablets/bottle. 

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