We have the following herbal products:

to improve the condition of diabetes

FOR HER 1-2-3:
for men's sexual
impotence and the enlargement of genitals

KIDNEY PURIFIER 1-2-3: to help improve the health of kidney by regulating area nitrogen and strengthening the body's immunity

to eliminate eye bags.

BRAIN / HEART 1-2-3:
to improve blood circulation to enhance the health of the brain and heart

PAIN AWAY 1-2-3:
for the relief of most pain symptoms

SLIM 1-2-3:
to help lose weight

BREATH 1-2-3:
for people allergic to pollen to reduce allergic symptoms.

to improve the condition of pre-diabetes


EYE BAGS AWAY ($52/box)

This product is composed of natural ingredients and is extracted with ultra micro technique.

Main composition:

Fat-transfer agent (1000) and fat-burning agent (2000), functioning independently.

Different from other cosmetics, this product is developed from a prescription drug, which was formulated by ophthalmologists, endocrine experts and dermatologists.


Eye Bags Away 1000/2000 (two tubes/box).

Eye Bags Away 1000 Net Wt.: 5g.

Eye Bags Away 2000 Net Wt.: 6g.

 Eye Bags Away 1000 removes eye bags quickly while Eye Bags Away 2000 maintains the result. It is recommended to use Eye Bags Away 1000 and Eye Bags Away 2000 together to archive the maximum result.


More than 63% of the people who use Eye Bags Away reported that in about 30 days, their eye bags appeared almost invisible, and the skins of the treatment area became visibly smoother, more elastic, supple and youthful.


1)      For people with eye bags.

2)      For people who have no eye bags, but want to prevent it from happening.


1)      Clean the eye bags.

2)      Massage the eye bags area 30 times clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively.

3)      Apply one drop of Eye Bags Away 1000 on each eye bag.

4)      5-10 minutes later, repeat procedure 1-2. Then apply one drop of Eye Bags Away 2000 on each eye bag.

5)      Twice (morning and evening) or three times a day. It can be used together with other cosmetics.


Do not apply Eye Bags Away into the eyes. In case it happens, there would be a slight feeling of irritation. Please close the eyes, and the irritation will disappear in about 5 minutes.

EYE BAGS AWAY ($52/box)      To Order

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