FOR HER 1-2-3 ( For men's use) ($40/BOTTLE)
A Product By Dr. Chong
The Human Organ Restoration Systems Engineering Laboratory led by Prof. L. J. Chong, the world renowned medical expert, accidentally found a marvelous clinical record in its 5-year long researching and reading of traditional Chinese medical literatures. The record is a formula composed wholly of natural herbs that can make male genital grow and become stronger miraculously.

To verify this unbelievable record, Prof. L. J. Chong invited oriental historians and archeologists to conduct a detailed examination and had received a positive conclusion, i.e. the record is a reliable and authentic fact in history. Thereafter, the Human Organ Restoration Systems Engineering Laboratory carried out an in-depth modern molecular biomedical study of this formula.

Through examining and expounding of embryogenesis, human body function study, anthropotomy and bio-cytology, the formula is found to act on the basic cells of male genital. In other words, it helps the spongy cells of penis to grow and derive potently.

For Her 1-2-3 is developed by extracting the vegetable protein from the formula after micro-verification of the plant fiber as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of spectrum and chromatogram.

A very encouraging animal experiment report is produced by a laboratory near the Bayler Medical Research Center, Houston, US.

Two groups of mice with same weight are fed separately with physiological saline (Placebo Group) and For Her 1-2-3:



Treating Period

Length of Penis

Weight of Penis

Placebo Group


14 days



For Her 1-2-3


14 days



In the succeeding human experiment, five outstanding professors observed a similar result: 98% of the male grown-ups saw their penes grew by 0.5-2cm, after taking the medicine 15 – 20 days. In addition, their potency was improved significantly along with the growth of size.

For Her 1-2-3 supports the secretion of growth hormone, improving the regeneration and proliferation of spongy cells, regulating the structure and alignment of spongy cells, enhancing the innervation and blood circulation. The result is enlarging the size of penis and amplifying the nerve transmission. And naturally, impotency disappears.

The enlargement of genital organ and the enhancement of potency will not fade away when one stops taking the medicine, for the change of the cells is lifelong and irrevocable.

For Her 1-2-3 can be used together with any kind of other medicines without any risk of side effects. In 1999, it received the approval from the US government to sell domestically as well as internationally.

"FOR HER 1-2-3" was awarded "Certificate of Excellent Product" at the Forth World Conference on Acupuncture in 1996.


Cnidium Fruit, Epimedium Grandiflorum, Fennel, Carthamus, Cinnamon,Lycium Fruit.

80 tablets per bottle. Take 2 tablets each time, twice a day.

  1. Twice a day, two tablets each time, three months as one course of treatment.
  2. Suitable only for those suffering from short genitals or impotency (not for minors).
  3. Keep at dry place and away from direct light and heat.


FOR HER 1-2-3 (FOR MEN'S USE) ($40.00/BOTTLE)          To Order

NEW FEELING ( For women's use) ($15/BOX)

New Feeling is composed solely of natural herbal ingredients and extracted by the advanced WVG technology.

anti-bacterial, anti inflammation, cleansing, vagina contraction, strong and effective.

bacterial vaginitis, cervical erosion, eczema, flaccid vagina, etc.

Once a day. Dissolve 1-2 tablets in 100ml warm water to clean the vulva or place 2 tablets of New Feeling into the vagina and keep the tablets there for 15-20 minutes.

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sun light and heat.

Not suitable for children. It is not recommended for virgin to place the tablets into her vagina. Not to use during menstruation period.

* It is normal that the vagina sphincter will stay contracted for 24-48 hours after the use of New Feeling.

* If you use New Feeling continuously for more than 20 days, your reproductive organ environment will be in week alkalinity. If you pregnant at this time, the chance to have a baby boy will increase by 86%. So if you are expecting a baby girl, you must stop using New Feeling 30 days before pregnant.

* It is normal for 75% of the female when using New Feeling to feel slightly hot in their vaginas and increase the G point sensitivity. And the foam created during the use of New Vision can improve the old age vagina dryness.

NEW FEELING (FOR WOMEN'S USE) ($15.00/BOX)          To Order

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