Eyesight Pro (formerly known as New Vision 1-2-3)

An Alternative Herbal Supplement by Dr. Chong

Eyesight ProMany people are afraid of the risks and possibilities of failure associated with eye surgery. Many more are unwilling to accept the toxic reactions and side effects caused by western medicines. Eyesight Pro, an ancient Chinese formula of 100% natural herbs, processed through modern technology, becomes a natural and safe choice.

Ingredients: Oroxylum, Cuscuta (Convolvulacead), Angelica.

Administration and Dosage: Two capsules, three times a day.

Precautions & Contraindications: Avoid use with alcohol and/or tobacco. Remember to give the eyes proper rest. Avoid use if pregnant.

Storage: Keep in dry place away from light and heat.


Eyesight Pro ($24.99/BOTTLE, 3/$68.99
300mg, 60 capsules/bottle.

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