Kidney Purifier 1-2-3

An Herbal Supplement by Dr. Chong

Kidney Purifier 1-2-3

Dr. Lian Jin Chong, China's renowned medical expert on "Human Organ Restoration", developed Kidney Purifier 1-2-3 after 6 years of research and development.  A Traditional Chinese Medicine composed of a variety of herbal ingredients, Kidney Purifier 1-2-3 has a history of working without adverse effect or drug interaction.

Ingredients: Motherwort, Dangshen, Golden Eye-Grass, Epimedium, Arborvitae Seed, Cinnamomum, Bighead Atractylodis.

Administration & Dosage: Four capsules, three times daily (12 capsules per day).

Precautions: After two weeks of use, patients should visit their physician to evaluate creatinine and urea nitrogen levels.

Storage: Keep in dry place away from direct light and heat. 

KIDNEY PURIFIER 1-2-3 ($29.99/BOTTLE, 3/$83.99, 6/$155.99)  
300mg, 120 capsules/bottle.

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