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Patients afflicted with chronic or acute renal failure are in a situation where toxins in the body cannot be discharged normally, which directly jeopardizes the continuation of their lives. At present, there are only two ways to prolong their lives: a kidney transplant, and a kidney dialysis treatment.

A kidney transplant involves a few problems:

1. Kidneys are in short supply

2. The surgery is very complicated

3. The body is repellent against foreign organ

4. Extensive post-transplant care.

Kidney dialysis is also extremely inconvenient for the following:

  1. A connective surgery must be performed on arteries and veins.
  2. The dialysis must be performed regularly at set times
  3. The patient must follow a strict daily regimen
  4. S/he has to overcome all kinds of unexpected events to receive the treatment regularly.

Dr.Lian Jin Chong, China's renowned medical expert on "Human Organ Restoration", developed the "Kidney Purifier 1-2-3" after 6 years of research and development. This medicine is composed of herbs, and formulated of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Kidney Purifier 1-2-3 reduces the body’s accumulation of urea nitrogen by decomposing and neutralizing the toxins in human body, promoting the recovery of kidney function, strengthening the body's immune system, restoring the growth and rejuvenation of kidney cells, therefore improving the discharging/reclaiming quotiety of the kidney.

Kidney Purifier 1-2-3 is composed wholly of natural herbs, and it is without any side effect. Patients at the early stage of kidney illness can effectively prevent the course from deteriorating into renal failure. If creatinine and/or urea nitrogen have been detected abnormal, it is strongly encouraged using this formula immediately to prevent renal failure.

Ingredients: Leonurus, Codonopsis, Curculigo, Herba Epimedium Grandiflorum.

Indications:Nephritis, renal failure (uremia), and patients undertaking kidney dialysis

Administration & Dosage: Three times a day, four capsules each time

Precautions:Two weeks after taking Kidney Purifier 1-2-3, patients are required to take a test of creatinine and urea nitrogen so as to adjust the times of kidney dialysis.

Storage: Keep at dry place and away from direct light and heat. 

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