FOR HER 1-2-3 ( For men's use)
Ulti~Mate Tiger (New Name, Free Extra 40 Tablets)
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An Alternative Herbal Supplement  by Dr. Chong
Animal experiment shows that it enlarged the genitals of mice.

For Her 1-2-3After five years of detailed research, The Human Organ Restoration Systems Engineering Laboratory led by Prof. L. J. Chong, world renowned expert on alternative herbal supplement, Traditional Chinese Medicine, announced the successful formulation of For Her 1-2-3/Ulti~Mate Tiger, an all natural herbal formula promoting men's health and stamina enhancement.

To verify its record of safe and effective use, Prof. Chong invited oriental historians and archeologists to conduct a detailed examination of the historical uses of For Her 1-2-3/Ulti~Mate Tiger. The formula’s rich history of safety and efficacy was confirmed.

Ulti-Mate TigerFor Her 1-2-3/Ulti~Mate Tiger is developed by extracting the vegetable protein from the formula after micro-verification of the plant fiber as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of spectrum and chromatogram.

With over 25 years of use in China, For Her 1-2-3/Ulti~Mate Tiger has shown no occurrence of adverse effects or drug interaction.

Awarded a Certificate of Excellence for products at the Fourth World Conference on Acupuncture in 1996, For Her 1-2-3/Ulti~Mate Tiger  received a Free Sale Certificate from the US government to sell internationally in 1999.

FOR HER 1-2-3 was awarded Certificate of Excellent Product at the Forth World Conference on Acupuncture in 1996.
FOR HER 1-2-3 was awarded Certificate of Excellent Product at the Forth World Conference on Acupuncture in 1996.


Cnidium Fruit, Epimedium Grandiflorum, Fennel, Carthamus, Cinnamon, Lycium Fruit.


80 tablets per bottle. Two tablets, twice a day for three months as one course of treatment.

Avoid if under age 18.  Keep in dry place and away from direct light and heat.


FOR HER 1-2-3/Ulti-Mate Tiger
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850mg, 80 tablets/bottle.

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