"GUM" for Gums - Clover Flavor
 GUM for Gums

The unique formula of "Gum" for gums includes clove oil, frankincense, and xylitol which are both natural ingredients that you can do research regarding their possible benefits to your teeth and gum.


12 pieces * 2
New Weight: 1.1 oz. (33.6 grams)

Amount/Serving (%DV)

Clove (1.5%)
Frankincense (1.5%)
Gum arabic (1.5%)
Aroma (1%)
Sucralose (16%)
Xylitol (37.5%)
Gum base (40%)
Others (1%)

Targeted Users

Anyone. GUM for Gums contains no cane sugar, so people with diabetes or other chronic disorders may use it as well.

Recommended Use

Cloves are a plant-based natural seasoning. Dental clinics world-wide use cloves as a supportive ingredient. Healthy gums are as important as clean white teeth, and it is easy to maintain. The recommended use is one or two pieces a day. For middle-aged and the elderly, two uses per day, one piece per use.

GUM for Gums front
GUM for Gums front and back
GUM for Gums content
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