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YU XIAO SAN 8805 (Dia-Naturale)

An Alternative Herbal Supplement by Dr. Chong
Yu Xiao San 8805Yu Xiao San (pronounced yoo-shee-ow-sahn),  an herbal remedy developed by Dr. Lian Jin Chong -- a researcher on diabetes and complications of diabetes, Director of Beijing Anyuan Hospital, formerly Beijing Red Cross Hospital, is now available in the US. Eight years of research and development has earned  Yu Xiao San the notable status at the Beijing Anyuan Hospital and several state hospitals in China as a leading supplement.

Dr. Gerald Reaven MD, recognized worldwide for his contributions in diabetes research and discovery of "Syndrome X", wrote Dr. Chong his awareness of the research of this compound, and its effects on diabetes.


Yu Xiao San 8805 won the Gold Medal Award.

YU XIAO SAN 8805 was awarded the "Gold Medal Award" at the Forth World Conference on Acupuncture in 1996

Is it Safe?

Sold worldwide since 1994 , use of Yu Xiao San has shown no negative side effects nor adverse responses in over 300,000 users who had diabetes. Additionally, no incidents of liver, kidney or other human organ damage have been reported to people with diabetes.

Yu Xiao San 8805/Dia-Naturale is Not a Quick Fix

Dia-NaturaleLike other herbal products, Yu Xiao San 8805/Dia-Naturale works gradually over time.  People can usually see the improvement in about 20 days. Minimum 90 day continuous use is recommended.

MAIN INGREDIENTS (2 tablets contain:)
Lycium Bark 544mg, Euonymus 374mg, Burdock 238mg, Platycodon Root 238mg, Lichi Seed 204mg,  Turmeric 68mg, American Ginseng 34mg.


Avoid foods with high carbohydrate content. Avoid fatigue and stressful situations. Pregnant women are not recommended to take Yu Xiao San 8805/Dia-Naturale. Taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise is recommended.

Administration & Dosage
80 tablets per bottle (about 10 day supply)
Take 2 tablets, 4 times daily (total of 8 tablets per day). As with all OTC and dietary supplements, alert your physician and pharmacist of their use.
Yu Xiao San should he kept in a dry place and protected from light and heat.

YU XIAO SAN 8805/Dia-Naturale ($39.99/Bottle) (3/$99.99, 30 day supply)      
850mg, 80 tablets/bottle. 

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Please consult your doctor if you have diabetes or complications of diabetes, or to visit the website of American Diabetes Association.

In order to be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, we have removed the case studies of our products that we did in the US and China.

Please note that the clinical study that we performed in China was not a double-blind study, however, the animal experiment that we did in the United States in collaboration with Stanford University was a double-blind randomized study.

However, in the United States, no double-blind study has been performed on humans.

For more information, please see information provided by a third party website at

Note: The content on this page has been removed in compliance with FDA's regulation on medical claims. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sorry about  the inconveniences.


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