YU XIAO SAN 8805 ($40.00/BOTTLE)
YU XIAO SAN 8804 ($25.00/BOTTLE)

Step Forward and Change Your Life!

Clinical Observation Report (10618 Patients) of  YU XIAO SAN 8805
Ten Cases of People Using Yu Xiao San

- A product designed to restore pancreas function and to proliferate insulin beta cells. 
-Yu Xiao San 8805 is a medical treatments used by The Red Cross Hospital-a specialty diabetes hospital- in Beijing, and several state hospitals in China.
- Amount 300,000 people suffering from Type II diabetes, 85% of them have shown positive results with Yu Xiao San. For patients relying solely on insulin, 27% of them  have shown positive results.
One of the most popular health foods in Japan.

YU XIAO SAN 8805 ($40.00/BOTTLE)

A Product By Dr. Chong

Discover the herbal diabetes treatment used by the Red Cross Hospital, & State Hospital in China

(A news from across the Pacific Ocean)
imageYu Xiao San (pronounced yoo-shee-ow-sahn) is a 100% natural herbal product developed by Dr. Lian Jin Chong -- Director of Red Cross Hospital in Beijing. It is a product of eight years of research and development currently used by the Red Cross Hospital in Beijing and several State Hospitals in China as a medical treatment for TYPE II Diabetes.

Well over 300,000 Patients suffering from Type II diabetes have taken Yu Xiao San with the effective rate surpassing 85 %. Patients relying solely on insulin have seen a success rate of 27%. A therapeutic results from 116 cases studied in San Francisco revealed an effective rate of 87% for those suffering from Type II diabetes. The success rate for Type I diabetes was an astonishing 30%.

An animal experiment of the effectiveness of Yu Xiao San is studied at Stanford University. And Dr. Chong has been recognized world-wide for his contributions in diabetes research.  He was congratulated by former President Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, as well as U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Gerald Reaven, former chairman of the U.S. National Diabetes Institute recently wrote to Dr. Chong: "I am quite aware of [the] clinical investigation of this compound, and it seems to me to offer great promise as a treatment for Type II diabetes."

What is the difference between Yu Xiao San and other western medicine currently applied by thousands of diabetics? What is new?
Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disorder of carbohydrate metabolism which is characterized by hyperglycemia. Besides Insulin, the western medicines are to lower blood sugar level directly

"YU XIAO SAN 8805" was awarded the "Gold Medal Award" at the Forth World Conference on Acupuncture in 1996

within one or two hours. They are called Hypoglycemic Agents. These agents can lower blood sugar temporarily. A lot patients have the experiences; they took those agents repeatedly for many years.

Yu Xiao San restores the function of pancreas of human body, proliferates the islet(beta) cells, increases insulin secretion, regulates carbohydrate metabolism of human body, and improves the blood circulation and immunity. Lowing blood glucose is only one of many outcomes. According to the result of a research project by a famous school of medicine in the US, scientific testing and analysis have successfully demonstrated that Yu Xiao San can effectively reduce the level of glucose and cholesterol in blood.

Is it Safe?
Yu Xiao San is currently being sold in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and is used by Asian Diabetes Association, Red Cross Hospital in Beijing and several State Hospitals in China as a medical treatment for diabetics. Unlike many Hypoglycemic Agents, Yu Xiao San has not been reported to result in damage to liver, kidney or any other organs among more than 300,000 patients. It has been administered for more than 10 years by patients in China.

Yu Xiao San is NOT a Quick Fix
A long-term drug (hypoglycemic Agents) stimulation could make the pathologic beta cells into a fatigue state and inhibit the automatic secretion of insulin. This is why the nearly diabetics could be controlled by oral drugs, while the disease became serious, the amount of drug must be added and insulin injection may be required.
Unlike a lot of hypoglycemic Agents, Yu Xiao San does not make effort on lowing blood sugar directly. This product will restore the function of pancreas and proliferate the islet (beta) cells. Therefore, it takes time. Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks to see the result of lowing blood sugar.
The recommended dosage for type II diabetes is 2 tablets 4 times daily. After a 3 months of continuing taking this product, most patients will no longer need any hypoglycemic agents. And it is suggested that you should continue taking Yu Xiao San for another 3 months to fully restore your pancreas function. Therefore, the total time of taking Yu Xiao San 8805 is about 6 months.

Step Forward and Change Your Life NOW
You probably already know that diabetes is a serious health problem. Without proper management it can lead to heart and kidney diseases, blindness, impotence, and even amputation and death. The disease gets worse and worse-even with proper management and daily medication. Now you have the chance to fight against this horrible disease.

Take charge of your life NOW. You do not need to pay an arm and a leg for your health.  The price of a bottle of Yu Xiao San is $40.00.

No doubt about it, Yu Xiao San is not cheap. But when you consider all of the doctor visits, check-ups, medication and hospital stays, and the horrible diabetic complications, it really worth the money. 85% of those using Yu Xiao San 8805 never have to think of diabetes again! And you can give yourself or a loved one the gift of hope to fight against it!

Take charge of your life NOW
Now Yu Xiao San 8805 is used by ASIAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION, Red Cross Hospital in Beijing as well as several state hospitals in China as a medical treatment for diabetes. It has been sold to over 10 countries such as Japan, Korea, and Canada. And it is one of the leading health foods in Japan despite a price of over $130 per bottle in equivalent US currency (Health Life Business, Aug 1, 1996)

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MAIN INGREDIENTS (every 2 tablets contain:)

Euonymus 255mg, Lycium Bark 425mg, Burdock 238mg, Platycodon Root 238mg,Lichi Seed 204mg, Clematis 238mg, Turmeric 68mg, American Ginseng 34mg.


Patients who take Yu Xiao San 8805 should avoid foods with high carbohydrate content. They should not allow themselves to become fatigued, flustered, or angered, and they should stay calm at all times.  Pregnant women are not recommended to take Yu Xiao San 8805.

Administration & Dosage
80 tablets per bottle ( about 10 days supply)
1. For blood sugar below 180 mg %: Take tablets with cold water, 2 tablets each time, 4 times a day.
2. For blood sugar over 180 mg % : Take tablets with cold water, 3 tablets each time, 4 times a day.

*** Yu Xiao San 8805 is not a quick fix. Restoration pancreas function and proliferation of islet cells are the only solution of taking care diabetes, however, it takes time. Please allow 2-3 weeks to see the results.

Yu Xiao San should he kept in a dry place and protected from light and heat.

*** Though Yu Xiao San 8805 is a diabetes medical treatment in China, it is classified as a health food in the US. We are NOT making any medical claims but merely provide it's clinical research data as reference. Yu Xiao San 8805 is formulated and manufactured in California under the supervision of its inventor, Dr. Lian Jin Chong, and the guidelines of the FDA.

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YU XIAO SAN 8804 ($25.00/BOTTLE)

A Product By Dr. Chong

Who is at Risk--Any person, anywhere, any age can get diabetes.

imageYu Xiao San 8804 is another fine product invented by Dr. Lian Jin Chong. It is also based on the Human Organ Restoration Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This theory combines modern science and TCM in an extensive study.  As a result, a health food that improves the health of the pre-diabetics was invented.
Slow aging process
Preventing diabetes is only one of many outcomes!
YU XIAO SAN 8804's effective formula is similar to 8805 except that 8804 was designed to prevent the onset of diabetes. It promotes the normal metabolism of B cell in human body, balances insulin secretory, and helps to utilize glucose of the human body. It also improves blood circulation and nerve adjustment, thus strengthening immunity, increasing the tolerance of human body to carbohydrates, and at last prevents diabetes and slows the aging process.


Euonymus Alatus(thunb) Regel, Lycium Chinense, Platycodon Grandiflorum, Clematis Turmeria, Saluia Miltiorrhizae.

120 tablets per bottle. Take two tablets with warm water, twice a day before meals.


  1. Middle-aged and senior citizens (High risk for developing diabetes).
  2. People with a family history of diabetes (diabetes can be inherited).
  3. People whose weight is 15% higher than normal (Overweight people are at higher risk for diabetes).
  4. People who show diabetic symptoms (such as abnormal level of blood and urine sugar).
  5. People suffering from chronic disease of the gall bladder, or pancreas.
*** Yu Xiao San 8804 is not recommended for people suffering from diseases related to the heart, brain, or kidney.


Patients who take Yu Xiao San should avoid foods with high carbohydrate content. They should not allow themselves to become fatigued, flustered, or angered, and should stay calm at all times. Pregnant women are not recommended to take Yu Xiao San 8804.

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* These products are classified as health supplements in the USA. The statements have not been      evaluated by the FDA. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.