Jiuhua Spa and Resort, Beijing, China


Jiuhua Diabetes Recovery Center

Located in Changping district, Beijing, China, Jiuhua Resort was the imperial resort of the ancient Chinese emperors since Yuan Dynasty. Now owned by the Health Ministry of China, the resort has become a complex of health recovery, entertainment, conference and open to the public.





The Imperial Style

Jiuhua is a perfect combination of classical style and modern technology. Now every body can experience the imperial living style here in Jiuhua for its top class facilities and services.


Full Spectrum of Facilities

There are 84 standard rooms, 273 luxury rooms, 152 twin rooms and 192 villa suites, restaurants, conference hall, indoor hot spring swimming pool, gym, ballroom, cinema, bowling, tennis, badminton facilities...





Medical Diet      

To carry forward the traditional Chinese diet culture: "Medicine and food are of the same origin." Jiuhua has produced a series of health medical diet to improve people's health and cure their diseases.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall

Here you can consult the most famous traditional Chinese medicine doctors and receive all kinds of traditional treatments. Because of its remarkable effect, Yu Xiao San becomes the designated product of the TCM Hall.





Advanced Diagnosis Equipments

First class equipments combine with advance examination methods such as one-drop-of blood examination, water therapeutics for intestines cleaning and C-13 exhalation experiment, etc.


Herbal Bath

More than 50 herbal formula baths with specific function are available to treat different diseases. In connection with the herbal baths, there are also the treatment of massage and acupuncture.



Tangquan Hot Spring Therapy

The spring is rich in trace elements and minerals such as strontium, lithium, etc. Its amazing curative effect has won it a beautiful name:"A Basin of Gold Water".

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