We have the following herbal products:

to improve the condition of diabetes

FOR HER 1-2-3:
for men's sexual
impotence and the enlargement of genitals

KIDNEY PURIFIER 1-2-3: to help improve the health of kidney by regulating area nitrogen and strengthening the body's immunity

to eliminate eye bags.

BRAIN / HEART 1-2-3:
to improve blood circulation to enhance the health of the brain and heart

PAIN AWAY 1-2-3:
for the relief of most pain symptoms

SLIM 1-2-3:
to help lose weight

BREATH 1-2-3:
for people allergic to pollen to reduce allergic symptoms.

to improve the condition of pre-diabetes

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BREATH 1-2-3 ($25.00/BOTTLE)
SLIM 1-2-3 ($25.00/BOTTLE)
A Product by Dr. Chong

Retrain Your Body To Respond Properly To The Environment
IMAGEPollen allergy is an allergic reaction of the human body for breathing in or touching botanical pollens. It happens around the world but until now there is no medicine that can effectively cure it. Patients with the allergy suffer severely, with coughing, sniveling, sneezing, lachrymation, angina and breathing difficulty occurring along the chronic course.

In nature, bees collect honey amid clusters of flowers. Zoologists have long before found their gene that resists pollen allergy. Under the guidance of bionics, experts carried out an in-depth research into allergic resistant genes of bees.

After researching the inventions of traditional Chinese medicine, a remedy that combines a special substance of royal jelly with many precious Chinese herbs is brought into existence. It not only can relieve the allergy to pollen, but also at the same time, give forth pleasant scent from one's body when taking this formula.

The mystery lies in the following: the herbal preparation excretes through skin and sweat gland, thus emanating a scent different from the body's original smell. The body's inner allergic reception is also changed, so that the pollen will not cause allergic reactions. As a result, allergic symptoms are avoided and, meanwhile, the body's immunity is improved.

Moreover, the researchers found no side effects taking this remedy. Unlike the sedative drugs presently used in clinics, its effect is enduring. It is also able to relieve bronchitis and bronchial asthma caused by allergies.

Indication: All kinds of pollen allergy, bronchitis, bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis

Ingredients: Royal jelly, Colophony, Glycyrrhiza, Asarum, Uncaria, etc.

Administration & Dosage: Take with plain boiled water or tea, twice a day, three tablets each time.

Precautions: Since the body will give forth pleasant scent when taking this remedy, women do not need to wear heavy make-ups so as not to affect the scent sent from body. No cold or uncooked food during the treatment.

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SLIM1-2-3 ($25.00/BOTTLE)
A Product by Dr. Chong
Trim Fat The Safe Natural Way

No one will disagree that totally eliminating obesity is a difficult problem.

To have a slim and healthy figure, people have tried all their resources. The popular methods to reduce weight nowadays are mainly as follows:

  1. Prevent the assimilation and absorption of food: this usually leads to anorexia. Cutting down the intake of food and shutting off the channel of energy transfer will certainly force one's weight to be reduced. However, this method can easily cause malnutrition, whereas the effect is not enduring either.
  2. Force the food to metabolize through dissimilation: this method accelerates metabolism, decreasing energy reserve, retrenching the synthesis of fat and in the end reducing body weight. Shortcomings: diarrhea usually leads to irritable constipation and the dysfunction of stomach and intestines. The effect is not enduring either, and sometimes the body weight rebounds.
  3. Forced dehydration: to lose weight through excessive exercise or over heat that cause large volume of water secretion. Shortcomings: this usually incurs dehydration and electrolyte disorders while the effect is short-lived with high risks.

If you have tried weight-reducing methods such as diet, excessive exercise, Qigong and weight-reducing tea but none of them produces satisfactory result, you might want to try Slim 1-2-3, which works as follows:

  1. It increases the secretion of bile, a key substance that burns fat. Thus it burns unwanted fat, reducing fat reserve and keeping it at a balanced level
  2. It regulates the balance between water and electrolyte, enhancing absorption and metabolization
  3. It improves blood circulation, removing blood statis, reducing blood viscosity, delaying the formation of cholesterol and blood-lipid

Slim 1-2-3 burns unwanted fat and has them discharged through urine. Therefore, one loses weight without noticing it. During the course of treatment, s/he does not have to go on a diet, only remember to eat less oily food; s/he does not have to do excessive exercise either, just maintain normal activities. Slim 1-2-3 will give you a slim and healthy figure without causing you any discomfort.

Main Ingredients: Turmeric, Uncaria, Talc, and Rhubarb

Administration & Dosage: Take with cold tea, twice a day, three tablets each time

Precautions:Keep off fatty, sweet and oily food. Stop taking the medicine when reach the desired weight. Over taken may lead to an unpleasant bony figure.

Storage: Keep at dry place and away from direct light and heat.

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* These products are classified as health supplements in the USA. The statements have not been      evaluated by the FDA. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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