We have the following herbal products:

to improve the condition of diabetes

FOR HER 1-2-3:
for men's sexual
impotence and the enlargement of genitals

KIDNEY PURIFIER 1-2-3: to help improve the health of kidney by regulating area nitrogen and strengthening the body's immunity

to eliminate eye bags.

BRAIN / HEART 1-2-3:
to improve blood circulation to enhance the health of the brain and heart

PAIN AWAY 1-2-3:
for the relief of most pain symptoms

SLIM 1-2-3:
to help lose weight

BREATH 1-2-3:
for people allergic to pollen to reduce allergic symptoms.

to improve the condition of pre-diabetes


to improve the condition of diabetes

FOR HER 1-2-3:
for men's sexual
importance and the enlargement of Genitals

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Dr. Lian Jin ChongDr. Lian Jin Chong

Dr. Lian Jin Chong, director of the Red Cross Hospital in Beijing, is a recognized expert on the regeneration, revitalization, and rejuvenation of the human organic system. He developed the Human Organ Restoration Theory and is a true pioneer in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Since the introduction of his Human Organ Restoration theory there has been a demonstration of curative effects of his treatment. No greater demonstration of those effects has been shown than in the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of diabetes. This success has made Dr.Chong a frequent media guest both in China and the United States.

In 1984, Dr.Chong began researching and treating diabetic patients. One particular female diabetic suffering from kidney exhaustion received hemotodialysis treatment with no avail. Dr. Chong conducted a kidney function restoration test on the patient using Chinese medicinal herbs. In the process, he discovered that wormwood motherwort and various other herbs were highly effective in lowering the nitrogen level in urea. This discovery led Dr.Chong to the sole use of traditional Chinese Medicines for the treatment of diabetes. Later, YU XIAO SAN was developed. In only a few short years, over 300,000 Chinese suffering from diabetes took Yu Xiao San with the effective treatment rate surpassing 85%. Even insulin-dependent patients have seen a success rate of 27%.

High-rank government officials have paid a great deal of attention to the achievements of Dr. Chong. In December 1989, Beijing Chaoyang District Public Health Bureau granted Dr.Chong an approval to establish a specialized diabetes treatment hospital -- Beijing Chaoyang Red Cross Hospital. Diabetics in Beijing and from across the nation, as well as numerous foreigners and high-ranking government officials have visited the hospital for treatment.

In April 1991, as part of an effort to more vigorously develop Traditional Chinese Medicine and carry forward its many benefits, Dr.Chong came to the United States as a visiting scholar. This visit led to numerous academic exchanges and investigations. After receiving approval, he opened a medical clinic in San Francisco where he began treating diabetics with Yu Xiao San. Therapeutic results from his first 116 cases revealed an effective treatment rate of 87 percent for those suffering from Type II diabetes. The rate for patients relying solely on insulin (Type I diabetes) was an astounding 30 percent. News of the success spread and Dr. Chong was inundated with invitations to lecture at numerous U.S. medical schools and public health departments. Well over 20 news agencies in the United States carried detailed reports on the achievements of Dr.Chong. One prestigious west coast TV station cancelled its regularly scheduled program to insert a segment featuring Dr.Chong. Dr.Chong also entered into a formal cooperative project with Stanford University Medical School. Yu Xiao San's effectiveness in lowering blood sugar levels was repeatedly proved through clinical experiments. Yu Xiao San's preliminary report won tentative approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In August 1994, Dr.Chong received letters of congratulations from former U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, as well as a letter from former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Gerald Reaven, former chairman of the U.S. National Diabetes Institute, recently wrote a letter praising the contributions that Dr.Chong made to the treatment of diabetes. He congratulated him for Yu Xiao San's winning of a nomination by the U.S. Federation Many Choices Fund. The U. S. based West American Traditional Medicine Research Institute recently invited Dr.Chong to serve as one of its senior researchers. At the same time. Dr.Chong gained membership to the U. S. Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Institute, as well as membership in the All-U.S. Traditional Chinese Medicine Higher Education Committee. In 1992, Dr.Chong was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the U.S. Federation Academic Degree Appraisal Committee.

The prolific doctor is also expanding his research pursuits. Following in the success of the introduction of Yu Xiao San, Dr.Chong developed treatments for Impotence, Pollen Allergy, Overweight, anal fissures and fistula. All of these treatments combine the natural healing of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the best that can be offered by modern medical practices.

Speaking in one lecture, Dr.Chong said, "While the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine are in China, we should use Western medical science to enrich and replenish our knowledge. As Chinese, we should act modestly at all times, evaluating ourselves objectively and refraining from being either supercilious or obsequious. Doing so will enable us to attain an invincible position."

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